The creation of this laboratory has been possible thanks to the University of Valladolid and the Technical School of Architecture for the cession of the necessary spaces. The ventilation and conditioning chamber, as well as its equipment, has been obtained thanks to the grants obtained on the following projects: 

- Project EFIVEN ref. ARQ2002-02177, Ministry of Science ant Technology, from 03/03/2003 to 02/03/2006. 
- Project OPABAD ref. BIA2006-05718, Ministry of Science ant Technology, from 01/10/2006 to 30/09/2009. 
- Project DESOALEE ref. 26562, Ministry of Housing, from 01/01/2008 to 31/12/2009. 

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This equipment is able to dose controlled amounts of tracing gas into the test chamber and at the same time to trace and collect samples from different locations and deliver them to the gas analyzer. The doser is able to release the gas on six different locations, automatically calculating the released gas quantity. The tracer hoovers air samples from six different locations, separated up to 50 meters, and delivers them to the 1302 gas analyzer.

This equipment is able of measuring any gas concentration in air samples collected by the infrared detection photoacoustic method, which is able to measurement any gas which absorbs infrared light. Its optical filters enable it to measurement the concentration of up to five different gas components and water vapour in any air sample.

This portable measuring instrument is used to read, store and analyse singles values and measuring strings. It is used to perform single tests and measurements on site. 
It is equipped with two connections which allow measuring a range of functions depending on the connected probes: Temperature, Moisture content, Pressure, Speed, Flow, Gas CO, Gas CO2, Voltage, Current

The data logger measurements and stores the readings collected by the probes connected to it. 
The logger has four probes inputs for the different types of probes: temperature, flow speed, pressure, moisture content, CO and CO2, electrical current and rpm probes. The logger is equipped with an internal storage which can register up to 250.000 measurements, with their date and time of collection. 
Monitoring capacities can be enhanced by connecting several loggers, which enlarge the number of possible probes connected.