The main objective of the laboratory is the improvement of habitability conditions, hygiene and comfort of the occupants of buildings by means of an efficient management of ventilation. This objective requires the fragmented but consolidated evaluation of different lines of intervention that pursue analyzing the impact of architectonic design and its construction on the ventilation ability to maintain habitability adequate conditions. Additionally, the analysis of ventilation permits characterizing the impact that this process has on the energy efficiency of the building. 

Therefore it is evaluated the impact resulted in: the outside air behavior, according to its quality to proceed to its distribution to the habitable spaces; the air distribution inside from the inlet openings to its outlet evaluating the followed trajectory influenced by the design, kind of openings and the existing furniture inside the rooms; the existence of vertical ducts that facilitates the fouled air outlet using the thermal-convective phenomenon; uncontrolled air leakages characterization produced due to construction deficiencies of its elements and systems that compose the conditioned envelope.