Solar Decathlon Europe 2010. Urcomante solar house.

The SOLAR DECATHLON is a competition that was originally organized by the United States Department of Energy involving universities from all over the world to design and construct a prototype of a house that is energetically self-sufficient. These grid-connected homes are intended to function only under the power of the sun and incorporate the latest technology that allows for maximum energy efficient operation. The houses will undergo 10 contests, hence Decathlon, as in the Olympic competition.

Urcomante: it is said of the variable virtual inhabitant, who brings or can bring together the needs and peculiarities of the following tribes: urbanites, cosmopolitan, lonely, dilettantes and immigrant entrepreneurs
This new "all in one" individual requires an "all in one" dwelling, which generates a direct relationship with flexibility. (Functional modules).

In a parallel way, we did not forget the contest requirements. Words like sustainability, bioclimatic, ecology, continually referred us to the idea of cycle, the natural cycle. From here the idea of the envelope was born . A system of protection for man and a system of cycle for life. (Reminiscent of the myth of Gottfried Semper cabin).
This envelope, or third skin, supplies the house with all primary and basic needs for operating. A key organ for life and functioning of our prototype. A space dedicated to the collection, conservation, circulation and breathing.

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