The Ventilation Laboratory relies on a slew of software in order to control the experimental and measuring equipment, and to carry out CFD(Computer Fluid Dynamics) numerical simulations. 

Software environment that encompasses many tools with the aim of creating simulations of physical phenomena through finite element analysis. The Workbench provides the tools needed for the creation of 3D models, their meshing and the calculation of physical fenomena happening in said models in an iterative way. 

Free Weather station data gathering program that manages the Laboratory WMR200 Weather Station. 

Tool for energy simulation of buildings and their interiors by simultaneous evaluation of energy parameters for its conditioning.

Application for fluid numerical simulation models pre-processing and meshing. Enables great manual, minute control over the meshes configuration.

Control and management tool of the Dolphing Expert Logger measurements, in which the readings of all analogical probes in the Laboratory are centralized. It offers data processing, instantaneous equation solving and probe calibration capabilities. 

Software for evaluation and simulation of thermal conditioning passive measures and infrastructures.