Jorge Mozo:

Asymptotics with respect to an analytic germ and Ramis-Sibuya Theorem

Abstract: The notion of monomial asymptotics, which has been developed by M. Canalis-Durand, J. Mozo and R. Schäfke in order to treat asymptotics of solutions of singularly perturbed differential equations, is extended in this work to a more general notion of asymptotics with respect to a germ of analytic function, in any number of variables. One of the main tools used is monomialization theorem, which is a consequence of the reduction of singularities for analytic germs of hypersurfaces. This result is also used in order to extend Ramis-Sibuya Theorems to this context. It is a joint work with R. Schäfke (Strasbourg University).

Congreso: Recent Trends in Algebraic Analysis

Padua (Italia). 19 a 23 de febrero de 2013.