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Omegar Calvo

Vanishing Theorems a rigidity of foliations.

Abstract In this talk will be presented some results of rigidity of foliations which are prove with

co-homological technics.


Algebraic Methods in Geometry: Commutative and Homological Algebra in Foliations and Singularities.

School and Conference in honour of Xavier Gómez-Mont on the occasion of his 60th Birthday.

CIMAT, Guanajuato (México).



Autor:Olivier Piltant

Título: Relative local uniformization in function fields.

Congreso: Second International Conference on Valuation Theory, El Escorial 18-29 Jul. 2011.

The soluble length of soluble groups

Javier Ribón

The soluble length of a solvable matrix group in GL(n,C) is bounded by (n) where is the Newman function. It is interesting to study the analogous problem for solvable groups of germs of diffeomorphisms because of the implications in the study of integrability of holomorphic foliations. We provide estimates for the soluble length in terms of the dimension. Moreover we optain the optimal estimates for nilpotent, unipotent and connected groups. This is a joint work with Mitchel Alfonso.