Nombre del Evento: Advances in Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations AQTDE 2019

Lugar: Castro Urdiales (España)

Fechas: 17 a 21 de junio 2019


Participación del equipo:

Clementa Alonso González (Conferencia invitada: "Stratification of the dynamics of analytic real vector fields in dimension three")

Oziel Gómez Martinez (Póster: "Dicritical foliations and the Zariski's invariant of plane branches")

Beatriz Molina Samper (Póster: "Toric type foliations in dimension three and invariant surfaces")

Jesús Alberto Palma Marquez (Póster: "Towards combinatorial monomialization of generalized power series")

Fernando Sanz Sánchez (Conferencia invitada: ``Real Analytic Vector Fields with First Integral and Separatrices")